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The Warrior’s Way
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The Warrior’s Way

Apparently the way of the warrior is to travel down several paths at once, but never excel on any of them.  “The Warrior’s Way,” written and directed by Sngmoo Lee, works hard to be a highly-stylized fantastical romp with a mix of  martial arts action, quirky comedy, and heart-wrenching drama, but it can’t quite nail any of them.

Lee tells the story of Yang (Dong-gun Jang), the best-ever warrior ninja whose mission is to kill every last member of a rival clan.  But when the clan’s final member turns out to be a laughing baby, Yang has a change of heart, turning him into the enemy of his own clan. Yang flees with the baby to an old west town of misfit circus folk, who are battling their own cowboy demon.

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